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Salmon Dip Bites

Salmon dip in a warm baguette with crispy onion

 1 Baguette
 Crispy Onion (found in the condiments aisle of any supermarket)
 1 Salmon
 Olive Oil
 Sea Salt
 Freshly Ground Black Pepper
 1 cup Fresh Cheese
 1 Scallion Finely Chopped
 2 tbsp Finely Chopped Chives
 2 tbsp Natural Yogurt
 Juice from 1 lemon

Lay the salmon in a baking tray and place into a medium oven with a few drops of olive oil, sea salt and pepper. When cooked, remove from the oven and set aside.


For the Dip:
Soften the fresh cheese with a fork, add the yogurt, scallion, basil, chives and lemon juice. Mix together to form a smooth paste. Crumble the salmon with a fork and fold it into the paste; season.


For the Baguette:
Cut the baguette into 4 pieces, open each piece and brush one side with plenty of olive oil and sprinkle with crunchy onion. Place in the oven and heat until they are crispy; remove and fill with the dip.
Serve immediately.