Trayen Coho Production Attributes

  • Vertical Integration:

Trayen Coho is a 100% vertically integrated company, from the production of fish eggs to the final product, including our own well boats and state of the art processing plant. In this way we maintain absolute control over every step of production.

  • Traceability:

Trayen Coho has full ownership at key levels of the value chain, such as: hatchery, fresh water, sea water, processing plant and sales. This allows us to offer full traceability and deliver security and confidence to our customers.

  • Live Harvest:

Our slaughter and processing plants are located side by side, reducing the transfer time and ensuring that our products are packaged in a very short period of time. In this way, we can provide the highest freshness in the market.

  • Long Harvest Season:

Our extensive experience raising Coho Salmon allows us to have one of the longest harvest seasons in the Chilean industry.

  • Certifications:

Our farms have obtained the most recent and stringent certifications that guarantee not only our commitment to the local communities but also to our clients, by developing products that are traceable, safe, healthy, and sustainable.