Our Story as Coho Salmon Producers


The origins of Marine Farm. “La Cascada” (The Waterfall), our first farm, is built in the Araucanía region and begins production of pan-sized trout.


The first Coho Salmon fish eggs are produced in the country. It is considered the starting point for development of the Chilean salmon industry.


The first hatchery of Marine Farms is built at the La Cascada Farm in Villarrica, using to its advantage the water that falls from the natural waterfall that gives the farm its name.


Large-scale production of trout smolt begins. Pioneering personnel remain with the company to this day, keeping alive the original spirit of Marine Farm.

1996 - 2005

Marine Farm begins to develop its own genetic line of Coho salmon. Meanwhile, other main Chilean farmers produce their smolt in our hatchery, helping us to grow our production.


After several years of smolt production, two sea sites are opened in Caucara and Tutil, both destined for the production of Coho Salmon.


One of the first recirculating eco-fish farms is built in Los Chilcos, enabling water resources to be recirculated, filtered, and reused, reducing the environmental impact.


The most important expansion phase of the company begins with the acquisition of eight sea licenses in the south of Chiloé and Puerto Cisnes.


Marine Farm acquires the current processing plant in Quellón, Chiloé, a step which converts the business into a vertically-integrated company focused on exporting.


The ISA Virus hits the salmon industry hard in Chile, especially the production of Atlantic salmon. Thanks to the company’s focus on Coho Salmon, its productive and commercial strengths, it avoids most of the damage from this crisis.


Río Dulce is bought, acquiring the shipping company and the main plant, completing the full integration of the company.


Marine Farm becomes part of Patagonia Seafarms, a Miami based sales office, bringing us closer to the final consumer in the North American market.


Trayen Coho is introduced to the United States and European Market.