Our Location

Trayen Coho is raised in the cold, pure waters of the beginning of Chilean Patagonia.

Here the environmental conditions are ideal for the farming of this species.  Coho salmon, one of the most delicate species farmed at this part of the world, offers a lean, smooth, and delicious fillet.

We have been working together with the local community for more than 25 years, in a safe and protected environment and with a deep respect for nature.

Due to its very nature, TRAYEN COHO produces a smaller impact on the environment compared to other seafood species. Its shorter reproductive cycle generates a smaller footprint, resulting in a sustainable process based on the well-being of our fish and their environment.

In the South of Chile, the last corner of Patagonia,
surrounded by thousand-year-old forests and rushing rivers,
Trayen Coho is born.