A Good Meal Is More Than Food: Welcome to Trayen Coho

Trayen – which means waterfall in the native indigenous language of Patagonia – pays homage to the name of our first coho salmon hatchery, called “Cascada,” or waterfall.

Trayen Coho brings you decades of experience in the art of cultivating one of the most magnificent species of Pacific Salmon. This legacy immerses you in the flavors of wild Patagonia, delivering a taste of the southern edge of the world to your table.

More than food, TRAYEN COHO is an experience.
It is a moment, an encounter.

We have been working in our local community for over 25 years, with a deep respect for nature,

creating a safe and protected environment, to develop a product that stands out for its quality and productive advantages. Due to its very nature and shorter reproductive cycle, Trayen Coho generates a smaller footprint compared to other seafood species, resulting in sustainable production based on the wellbeing of our fish and its environment. As a reflection, our Trayen Coho has been awarded the most stringent certifications in the industry, including the Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s (ASC). This places Trayen Coho in the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s recommended list of seafood for consumers to buy.

Living and Eating in Patagonia

The TRAYEN COHO Experience

Our coho goes through a special selection process and only the best salmon gets packed under the Trayen brand. We’ve taken the best, unaltered features of Patagonia to create Trayen Coho — an experience you can taste with every bite.