Mapuche quote

“Through cooking we learn
the relationship between
humans and the earth.”

Hemingway quote

“The echoes of beauty
you’ve seen transpire,
Resound through dying
coals of a campfire.” – Ernest Hemingway

Jamie Oliver quote

“Real food doesn’t have ingredients.
Real food is ingredients.” – Jamie Oliver, chef

Thoreau quote

“The most memorable taste
from any meal is the memory
of the moment that you experienced
while eating it.”

In the south of Chile is the last corner of Patagonia,
where the rains fall without respite and the wind blows with force. This is where Trayen Coho is born.

Here, the potatoes are multiple colors, seafood is harvested on the shores of a rough sea, and fish are roasted over a hot fire using a branch freshly cut from a tree. The shores of the many lakes, a scene that peacefully awaits campers no matter the weather, provides a space for their refuge around a makeshift grill.

With our creative recipes, we invite you to savor Patagonia and enjoy the richness of simplicity.

Take a bite of Trayen Coho,
a true superfood.

TRAYÉN COHO has a high percentage of Omega 3 (DHA and EPA) and Omega 6, which help to reduce cholesterol and protect cardiovascular health. Besides improving internal defenses and reducing the growth of cancer cells, it also reduces the risk of suffering chronic diseases such as asthma, depression, diabetes, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis, among others. Salmon can also reduce the risk of neurological diseases in the elderly and improves cognitive and visual development in children.

Our coho is a purer salmon that meets stringent health and sustainability criteria, with a delicate texture, fresh taste, and all the flavor of the pure waters of Patagonia. It is a nutritious product low in calories and high in health benefits!


TatakiTataki salmon on a bed of avocado